About Me

Details Matter.

Hello, my name is Daean.

Yep, it's a bit different... it's pronounced "day-in." Like my name, I'm a bit different than many photographers you'll likely come across. For the better part of my career I've worked in the corporate retail world. Most of that time has been spent solving large, complex problems, and project managing large groups of people to fix those problems. Because of that... 

I am incredibly organized. 

Organization is super important to me. Having to worry about things that are seemingly out of your control is frustrating! I want to eliminate that from the equation. Whether I'm covering your wedding, working with you on an ad set for a campaign, or doing some sort of editorial work - I take a methodical and analytical approach to everything I do. 

I am focused on YOU. 

I think one of the best parts of working with me is that you will be able to dictate your level of involvement. Want me to handle everything with virtually zero supervision? Great - I'll ask for everything I need up front, keep you in the loop as needed, and you will not have to worry about anything getting done - I will make it happen. Have something specific in mind? Excellent - I am all ears, and I want to ensure that you are getting the perfect end result out of our time together. 

My goal is simple - I want to create amazing images with you. 

As a photographer, I have a very specific motivation - to chase that seemingly unattainable goal of the "perfect" photo. As your photographer, you can be rest assured that when I'm working with you, I'm striving to achieve that goal. If we're partnering up on ad work, let's work together to create an impactful campaign that's going to make an impression. If we're creating memories, I want to create something that you'll be able to put on your wall and look back at thinking, "wow, that was an incredible day." Or - if we're working together to tell a story... I want to bring that story to life with stunning images. 

I look forward to working with you!

Please drop me a line through my Contact page or shoot me an email at: info@dchasephoto.com